CalTech Initiative for Students

Best in Class

What does it take for the most ambitious and innovative minds to push the limits of possibility? Perseverance. Creativity. Ingenuity. And a best-in-class student experience.

What Your Gift Supports
A group of Caltech students engage in a classroom discussion

Undergraduate Scholarships:

A hallmark of our institution is its long-standing commitment to ensuring the most qualified science, mathematics, and engineering candidates can fulfill their dream of attending Caltech, regardless of their financial limits. Scholarships are the most effective way to enable brilliant, hard-working students to devote themselves to learning without worrying about the cost of their education or graduating under a burden of debt.

Students talk at the Walter and Leonore Annenberg Center for Information Science and Technology

Graduate Fellowships:

Graduate fellowships attract and retain the most talented and ambitious students from across the world—and maintain Caltech’s excellence. Our goal is to provide an endowed fellowship for every graduate student during their first two years, so they have the academic agility to take risks and push the boundaries of science.

A group of Caltech students walk across campus to class

Health & Wellness:

Health and wellness resources are essential to helping students thrive in our rigorous academic environment. The demand for Caltech Student Wellness Services is rising, and we’re expanding our programs to help students find balance, manage stress, learn time management, and build connections throughout our community. Continuing to grow health and wellness resources will ensure that our students will get the most out of their Caltech experience.

A Caltech career adviser speaks with a student

Career Advising:

Every student should have the tools to transform their exceptional educational experience and passions into a successful career pathway of their choice–whether it’s becoming an academic or industry leader, joining public service, or launching a start-up. Enhancing the support offered by Career Achievement, Leadership, and Exploration (CALE) will prepare students to compete for the best jobs and thrive in the workplace.

Students study at Caltech's Resnick Sustainability Institute

Co-Curricular Experience:

A complete student experience includes access to captivating programs, services, and opportunities outside of academics. Co-curricular activities allow students to engage in hands-on opportunities to hone their skills, build lifelong friendships around shared interests, put their ideas into practice, and showcase their achievements. These activities are intrinsic to Caltech life and essential to competing against other top-tier institutions for talent.

Two Caltech students play chess outside

Investing in Our Students

The diverse perspectives and experiences of students are essential to investigating the world around us and making powerful breakthroughs. The initiative aims to ensure every facet of the student experience is extraordinary and continues to advance our culture of excellence.

By the Numbers

Caltech is the dream destination for exceptional science, mathematics, and engineering students from all backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences.


52% of undergraduates receive financial aid


29% increase in employer info session participation over prior two-year average


Average undergraduate debt at graduation is $16,787


71% of Caltech admitted students attended public or charter high schools


45% of the undergraduate student body is female

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The best student-faculty ratio in the nation


22% increase in one-on-one career advising appointments over prior two-year average

Let us know what the Caltech student experience means to you.