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Caltech graduates are the future world leaders in science, engineering, academia, and public service. Our students are outstanding in their ability to identify, analyze, and solve challenging problems within and across science and engineering disciplines.

Every student should have the preparation they need to effectively translate this exceptional educational experience into a lifetime of career achievement and satisfaction. Therefore, we plan to raise $25 million in additional philanthropic support from alumni and friends to bolster our services and opportunities for our students and recent graduates.

With more than half of Caltech students pursuing industry, entrepreneurial, and other non-academic careers, Career Achievement, Leadership, and Exploration (CALE) has expanded its programs. CALE offers career planning services, professional and graduate school preparation, alumni mentorship, and search strategies for internships and full-time employment in a wide range of scientific and technical disciplines.

Our services help students strategically design their individual career paths before they start searching, and help them through their quest and beyond. We offer support for career exploration and job searching, mock interviews, salary negotiation techniques, as well as early career success resources after a student enters the workforce. We look forward to further growing our programs to offer more specialized advising for distinctive and technical fields.

Our goal is to ensure every student can pursue their career aspirations beyond graduation – whether that’s becoming an academic or industry leader, joining public service, or launching a startup.

When you invest in CALE, you provide students with equitable access to the tools, training, connections—including leveraging Caltech’s reputation and worldwide network of 25,000 alumni—and opportunities to compete for the best jobs and succeed in the career of their choice.

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