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Enriching Student Life: Supporting Co-Curricular Experiences

Caltech is far more than its academics. It’s a unique and small-knit community of peers filled with curiosity and a desire for exploration that fosters friendship, teamwork, and innovation. From libraries that serve as the centers of collaboration to residential houses that allow students to connect across interests, Caltech helps students find a place of belonging.

Students also find connection through a broad range of co-curricular experiences including more than 100 student-led clubs, lecture series opportunities, athletics that range from baseball to water polo, music and performing arts, and stellar opportunities to learn more about and engage in research. Therefore, we plan to raise $35 million in additional philanthropic support from alumni and friends for our student programs.

Co-curricular experiences promote student success and vital life and career skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership. Whether students are looking to find personal fulfillment and belonging or find balance in our rigorous academic environment, we offer a multitude of options. They are able to engage in hands-on opportunities to hone their skills, put their ideas into practice, and showcase their achievements.

Our goal is to ensure all students have access to an enriching co-curricular experience that helps to foster continuous learning, growth, and diverse ways of thinking.

Your financial support will deepen the breadth of co-curricular activities available to students—a vital component of the Caltech student experience.

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