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Supporting students at every step: Investing in health and wellness services

The physical and mental health and wellness of our students is essential to their academic success and ability to flourish in our unique community–and the demand for Student Wellness Services is growing. Student Wellness Services provides care to more than two-thirds of the student body. As a result, Student Wellness Services is investing more deeply in the number and quality of its staff and has implemented numerous innovative approaches to address health and wellness in recent years. Therefore, we plan to raise $30 million in additional philanthropic support from alumni and friends for our students’ overall health and wellbeing.

The range of services available to students includes excellent medical health care, counseling that supports students’ mental health, and occupational services that help students set good habits and routines to achieve their goals. Student Wellness Services trains students to be peer health advocates and has also developed strategic partnerships with the Office of Residential Experience, the Center for Diversity, International Student Programs, and the Caltech CARE Team to provide more robust programs that are integrated into the everyday lives of students.

Our goal is to ensure that every student has the support they need to be well and able to get the most out of our rigorous academic environment.

Your investment in Student Wellness Services will strengthen our campus community and help our students thrive, today and well into the future. With your support and the support of others, Caltech can be an innovative leader in the field of university physical and mental health.

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